Why settle for standard software?

Custom Software Development - The Netherlands

Web Applicaton Development

Innovative solutions for every industry: Entertainment, Real Estate, Hospitality & Service, Retail, Marketing & FinTech

Mobile Apps / PWA's

Enable your staff to work more efficiently on location with a custom mobile app. We build hybrid apps (android/ios) and PWA's (apps that work in a browser)

Booking Agency Software

Looking for custom software for your booking agency?
We develop bespoke scheduling and management software for booking & entertainment agencies.

Security & Networking

We build and manage custom hosting solutions for your most critical applications.

IT Consultancy

Curious if your IT operations are efficient in translating your sales goals into reality? Contact us for more info.
TempoSign mobile-friendly E-signature solution

Our enterprise-level e-signature solution. Visit for more info.

About Us

Freshwater IT comprises of a dedicated team of seasoned professionals with a broad range of expertise specialising in almost every facet of the IT industry.

With over 20 years of experience, we recognise that each business is unique and that one-size-fits-all software packages are not going to allow your business to excel to its fullest potential.

It's not just about getting the job done on time,
on budget,
and exceeding expectations...

it's about building strong client relationships by delivering quality work:
time and time again.

Paradigm Talent Agency New York - Los Angeles - Nashville - London - Chicago - Toronto
FVB de Boer Financial Consultants Amsterdam - Wassenaar
Globe Entertainment Belgium
The Fridge Dubai
John Noel Management London
Interactive Theatre International Australia - London
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